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    Urban & Rural Pest Control Product Stewardship

    Pest control product stewardship

      We maximize benefits and minimize risks.

      Product stewardship is a key corporate initiative. We continually aim to improve our environmental protection, health and safety performance throughout the entire life cycle of our products. That means that we are committed to the responsible and ethical management of our pest control products – from discovery and development right through to distribution, use and recycling, as well as the final disposal of empty containers.

      The responsible management and use of our pest control products is an essential element of sustainable pest management and safeguards the environment and public health. It is about maximizing benefits and minimizing risks of pest control products.  

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    Product stewardship commitment

    For BASF Product stewardship is not just an empty word but a concrete program on which we are committed.

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    A good beginning makes a good ending

    Stewardship sets standards...


    Eco Packaging by BASF

    Eco Packaging by BASF

    The innovative solution