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    Urban & Rural Pest Control Commitment to Public Health

    Good health is a basic human right

      BASF partners with international organizations such as Rotary International, The Carter Center and MENTOR in the belief that eliminating disease will not only lead the affected regions to better health and to beat poverty, but also empower their people to provide for themselves.

      Community information from Rotary International in Nigeria

      As a major global corporation, we take our role and our social responsibilities seriously and strive to engage actively with our stakeholders. We think that the more we actively integrate all our stakeholders in dialogue, projects and partnerships, the greater the confidence they place in our business activities.

      Active role in the malaria community

      BASF is an active member of the international malaria community and is represented on numerous working groups and taskforces, including the World Health Organization malaria policy group and working groups on neglected tropical diseases, integrated vector management and long-lasting insecticidal nets.

      We are a private sector delegate on the Roll Back Malaria Board, a member of the advisory board for the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme and a member of the Stockholm Convention Global Alliance for Alternatives to DDT steering committee.

      Read more about our partnership success stories and our shared commitment to preventing the spread of vector-borne disease:


    The New Nets Project

    More than two million Interceptor® G2 nets will be trialled across sub-Saharan Africa in regions suffering from insecticide resistance.


    Making a real difference

    Walter Zwick has spent decades working with smallholders in Cambodia


    Stopping malaria at the border

    With help from BASF, Namibia’s northern border regions have a chance to rid themselves of malaria


    Breakthrough to beat resistance

    Game-changing new mosqito net, Interceptor® G2 receives WHO recommendation

    The color of hope

    From 19th century dyestuff to malaria medication

    Malaria, mosquitoes and agriculture

    The impact of ill health on farming 

    Only an integrated approach can stop the spread of Zika

    Read our blog about the role of public, private and community involvement.

    Girl getting a treatment against the Guinea worm

    Guinea worm cases reach historic low

    Partnering with The Carter Center to eradicate Guinea worm worldwide.

    Participants in the Dengue Warriors

    "Dengue Warriors" in Singapore

    Dengue fever is the world’s fastest spreading, mosquito-borne viral disease, affecting an estimated 390 million people yearly.

    Presentation of a member of the dengue warriors

    War against Dengue in Malaysia

    The Malaysian authorities have stepped-up a nationwide campaign to control the mosquitoes that spread the virus.

    Doctor checking blood sample for detecting malaria

    Malaria control in the Amazon

    Malaria control with Fundação de Vigilância em Saúde da Amazônia in the Brazilian Amazon.

    Mentor Logo

    Fighting malaria in Liberia

    BASF joins forces with MENTOR to fight malaria in Liberian refugee camps.

    Woman receiving a malaria net

    Malaria nets for cyclone victims in Myanmar

    Myanmar cyclone victims receive emergency relief package with Interceptor®.  

    People in Africa receiving a mosquito net

    BASF contributes life-saving bed nets

    BASF contributes 75,000 life-saving bed nets to "Nothing but Nets" emergency appeal in Africa.