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    White rust [Albugo candida]

    White rust plays an important role all around the world as a disease in the cabbage family. The fungus is not classified with the rust fungi, but rather in the downy mildew fungi group, Oomycete.


    White rust - image 1

    White rust - image 1

    Pest Profile

    • Symptoms & Diagnosis


      White rust is mainly a significant threat in areas close to the coast, where conditions favor fungal development. Affected crops are the crucifers, i.e., also various cabbage species.

      Pattern of damage

      The fungus Albugo candida causes whitish spots on both sides of the infected leaves (Picture 1), the spots grow larger as the infection develops. The symptoms can also appear on the flowers, stems and pods. The galls burst open in rainy and windy weather conditions. The fungus nests in cracks in the plant and infects from these points.