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    Vault HP® – The best crop enhancing technology for soybeans

    Vault HP® is the only biological seed treatment product with a built-in disease suppressing component for both improved root architecture and reduced plant stress.

    Uncovers yield potential
    Delivers multicomponent effect for nutrition enhancement, reduced plant stress and improved root architecture
    Provides earlier, longer disease and pest protection and stress reduction
    Allows for more effective long-term nitrogen management for subsequent crops
    Offers easy and convenient application at a low application rate

    Vault HP® works

    Inoculant Basics from BASF

    Man in the field

    Vault HP® series of products provide a unique combination of soil borne disease suppression, improved nodulation, extended shelf-life and on seed survival. In fact, Vault HP® extends the window of protection 30-45 days beyond the base protection of a seed applied fungicide and offers the lowest application rate in the industry.

    Rhizobia play a key role in maximizing soybean yield potential. That’s why advanced Vault HP® products are produced fresh for each growing season to ensure high counts of these living organisms for superior performance in treatment systems and in the field.

    • Bacillus spp. suppresses Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp. and other important soil borne fungi
    • Minimum count of 10 billion colony-forming of rhizobia per milliliter guaranteed through expiration date
    • Highly effective and infective multi-strain Bradyrhizobium japonicum produced fresh for each growing season for maximum quality and performance
    • A total application rate of just 130 mL/100 kg of seed for the Vault HP® system
    After planting, the patented Rhizobia Growth Enhancer:
    • Works with rhizobia to stimulate root nodulation
    • Improves nodulation for more nitrogen-fixation potential and greater plant vigor

    Soybean yield advantage


    *Vault HP® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.  

    Fact Sheet Vault HP®

    Innovative Vault® products were the first to provide multi-component effect for nutrition enhancement, leveraging the power of the Biostacked® platform of technology from BASF. Even under sub-optimal conditions such as a wet planting season or a hot and dry environment, Vault® products help improve root systems and the uptake of nutrients such as nitrogen.