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    Farming & Crop Protection Thread-footed mites

    Thread-footed mites [Tarsonemidae]

    The thread-footed mites include some pest species in the genera Tarsonemus and Hemitarsonemus, which can cause considerable damage in ornamental plant production.


    Thread-footed mites - image 1

    Thread-footed mites - image 1

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      Very small (0.2 mm) mites, which have a translucent whitish or brownish body surface, depending upon the species (Picture 1). They suck on the cell layers of various plants and prefer young, growing shoots.

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Ornamental plants. The mites are very small and remain well-hidden, normally found on the underside of leaves. High relative humidity favors reproduction and the spreading of these mites. The damage is frequently patchy.

      Pattern of damage

      Leaf curling, stunting, suberization (cell walls become corky), rosetting, small-sized leaves, deformed and desiccated flowers, etc.



      Balanced temperature control and lowering of the humidity. Treatment with a crop protection product is advisable at the start of infestation.