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    Soil Management

    Soil management

    Adequate water and nutrition is essential for increasing yields in agriculture. Good results come not just from planting and fertilizing, but by paying close attention to plants’ needs. One of those needs is balancing plant nutrition.

    Generally, we are working to provide solutions within two fields:

    • Nutrient management: products to improve nitrogen use efficiency for better plant nutrition and yield outcomes.
    • Water management: products to help growers use water more efficiently.

    Nutrient management

    To ensure balanced nutrition, growers need optimized uptake of nutrients and reduced nitrogen loss.
    About 50 percent of nitrogen content in fertilizer is not taken up by the plant creating a significant opportunity to drive improvement in nitrogen efficiency through innovation. BASF is developing solutions that will lead to improved nitrogen management for better plant nutrition.

    Water management

    Water scarcity and conditions are increasingly challenging to agricultural production. Growers around the world face losses through drought in major crops as well as yield and quality losses caused by high salt content and increasingly contaminated irrigation water. As the global population grows, more fresh water is needed to produce food than is available.