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    Smooth crabgrass [Digitaria ischaemum]

    Summer annual, heat-loving, bunch-forming seed weed found generally on light, humus-rich, usually nutrient-rich, sandy to loam soils.


    Smooth crabgrass - image 1

    Smooth crabgrass - image 1

    Smooth crabgrass - image 2

    Smooth crabgrass - image 3

    Smooth crabgrass - image 4

    Smooth crabgrass - image 5

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      First leaf is short, pointy-ovate, leaves and leaf sheaths glabrous, green, often violet (Picture 1). Ligules white, frequently truncate, no auricles (Picture 2). Low-sprawling growth (Picture 3). Inflorescences are in a finger-like array but not originating from one section of the stalk, with several spike-like clusters (Picture 4). Seeds are small, elliptical and slightly flattened (Picture 5).

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      In late-maturing crops such as maize, potatoes, legumes, and beets.