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    Sercadis® fungicide brings a unique mode of action to rice that provides long-lasting disease protection from sheath blight while delivering consistent performance.

    Advantages at a glance:
    Excellent efficacy on a broad range of diseases in fruit and vegetable market
    Excellent long lasting effect and early curative action to protect the plant
    Outstanding protection on new leaves

    The active ingredient in Sercadis® is Xemium®. The fungicide offers a unique mode of action that binds tightly to plant leaves, forming rainfast reservoirs. The reservoirs distribute this advanced chemistry throughout plant leaves over time. This high level of mobility and distribution enables it to reach areas untouched by the initial application.

    Sercadis® provides both preventive and post infection sheath blight control with long-lasting residual.

    * Sercadis® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.