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    Giving Your Seeds Every Advantage

      At BASF, we understand what your seeds need to perform their best. That’s why our market-leading seed treatments deliver exactly what local growers need for their individual farms no matter where they are across the globe.

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      Our fully integrated seed treatment portfolio offers the most diversified line of products, along with robust formulations, so growers can improve their seed performance and protect their valuable seed investments. From chemistry and advanced biologicals to inoculants and functional coatings and colorants, our products protect your seeds from germination to emergence, promote early-season vigor, limit disease and insect pressure, and provide tested plant health benefits including improved cold and drought tolerance. With the industry’s leading seed treatment specialists and decades of pioneering research, we connect innovative thinking and practical action, driving toward one goal: giving every seed every advantage. 

    Our Solutions for Your Country

    Which of our seed treatments are available in your country?

      Delivering Unrivaled Value for the World´s Key Crops

      Our complete seed treatment solutions protect and enhance seed investments worldwide.


      Poncho* Votivo*
      Poncho* Votivo* 2.0
      Flo Rite*


      Standak* Top
      HiCoat* Super
      Flo Rite*




      Kinto* Plus
      Insure* Perform
      Stamina* F4


      Acronis* Green
      Standak* Top



      Poncho* Plus
      Intregral* Pro
      Color Film


      Leaders in Their Fields
      Discover three proven powerhouses, only from BASF.

    Poncho® Votivo® - The most trusted protection and growth promotion for your seed

      A unique combination of two active ingredients immediately protects the whole plant against the broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground pests, including up to two generations of plant-parasitic nematodes.

      This versatile insecticide seed treatment partners with a seed’s traits to deliver healthier roots and more uniform stands, helping high-value crops thrive regardless of growing conditions.

    Systiva®* - Redefining a grower’s early season

      Systiva® is the first and only seed-applied fungicide to control early foliar disease in a range of crops, including wheat and barley.

      Lasting through the first foliar spray, Systiva® promotes early vigor and improves plant health while enabling growers to optimize farm management.

      *Sistiva® in South America.

    ILEVO® - Proven to win against invisible threats to yield potential

      Backed by hundreds of field trials and years of use on millions of hectares, ILEVO® is the first and only seed treatment that protects against two of soybeans’ most potent yield robbers. 

      ILEVO® works fast against soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) – even before symptoms are visible – to limit unpredictable damage and set the stage for peak yield potential.