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    Seed Treatment – Innovating for all your growing needs

      At BASF, we are not just planning for the future. We are creating it. With proven solutions that push the boundaries of seed technologies, we are dedicated to helping growers become more productive and maximize their seed investments.

      Now with more seed treatment products, our comprehensive portfolio leverages chemistry and biology to enhance seed performance in more ways than ever. We offer chemical fungicides and insecticides, inoculants, biologicals, functional coatings and colorants. These advanced products help seeds get off to a strong start, extend the crop protection window, improve plant vigor, boost product efficacy and maximize yield potential. Our pioneering research connects innovative thinking and practical action, all with one goal in mind: to help every seed reach its full potential.

    Our Solutions for Your Country

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      Our Ever-Expanding Portfolio of Advanced Solutions

      Designed for a wide range of crops and grower needs

      Functional Coatings
      Keeping the active ingredients active – enabling the full potential of the seed and optimizing seed flow.
      Example products: Sepiret® and Flo Rite®

      Marking seeds to enhance their appearance, easily identify them and protect their value.
      Example product: Color Coat

      Extending the window of protection and delivering improved performance from the very beginning.
      Example products: Integral® and Velondis™

      Inoculants and Biologicals
      Complementing chemistry naturally for healthier yield potential and greater plant vitality.
      Example products: Nodulator®, Vault®, Granouro® and now TWO.O

      Fungicides and Insecticides
      Getting the seed off to a good start by providing a broad spectrum of control against insects and soil- and seed-borne diseases.
      Example products: Systiva®, Insure® Pulse, Standak® Top, Stamina® and now Poncho® and ILevo®

      Nematode Management
      Defending the yield by preventing pest damage to early-season seedlings and roots.
      Example products: VOTiVO®, ILeVO®, COPeO® Prime – new to the BASF portfolio