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    Seed Solutions - Your expectations and our innovation

    Ingenious solutions that enhance a seed’s performance – our solutions are designed to unlock the genetic power and potential of each seed and enhance the performance of the seed, seedling and plant. We do this by bringing growers like you a portfolio of seed treatments and seed enhancements to extend the crop protection window, improve plant vigor, boost product efficacy and maximizing the plant resources to amplify production efficiency.

    Our Solutions for Seeds

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    Every seed starts with the same potential. Making the performance of the seed count is what BASF Seed Solutions is all about. From today’s most advanced biological crop input tools, inoculants, functional coatings, colorants as well as traditional seed applied crop inputs, to tomorrow’s innovations, our holistic approach enriches the true potential of the seed from planting to harvest. This includes positive effects on seed vitality, which we summarize under the brand name AgCelence®.

    By combining innovative crop protection, AgCelence® benefits and state-of-the-art formulations, BASF Seed Solutions produces advanced seed amendment products that ensure healthy seeds grow into healthy crops.

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    Examples of Seed Solutions products:

    • Flo Rite® - optimizes seed flow and active ingredient retention during the seed treatment and planting process.
    • Integral® - advanced seed applied biocontrol offering an extended window of protection against soil-borne diseases, improved root architecture and reduced plant stress.
    • Vault® HP – the only inoculant with a built-in disease suppressing biocontrol component for both improved root architecture and reduced plant stress

    Chemical seed treatments

    Getting the seed off to a good start

    • Helping to improve emergence under challenging conditions
    • Providing a broad spectrum of control against insects and soil- and seed-borne diseases
    • Delivering AgCelence® plant health effects

    Seed-applied biologicals

    Extending the window of protection

    • Providing up to 45 days of protection beyond the traditional seed-applied fungicide
    • Improving root architecture and nutrient uptake
    • Delivering improved and more consistent plant performance
    • Helping growers meet their sustainability challenges


    Boosting nitrogen fixation

    • Giving legume growers greater peace of mind
    • Producing bacteria each growing season to deliver good nodulation from the start
    • Extending on-seed survival up to 225 days

    Functional coatings

    Keeping the active ingredients active – and much more

    • Enabling the full potential of the seed through state-of-the-art polymer science
    • Ensuring exceptional active ingredient retention
    • Optimizing seed flow and plant population

    Seed colorants

    Marking seeds to protect their value

    • Enhancing the appearance of and helping to identify treated seeds
    • Coloring virtually any seed effectively, regardless of size, shape or texture
    • Including a wide range of standard colors as well as customization to meet specific needs

    Researching new chemistries and biologicals

    Partnering for innovative solutions

    Pioneering in research on plant health

    Providing expert knowledge

    Driving innovation

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    The following products are part of our innovative solutions. Choose one of the products below to get further information. For products available in your country, please check your country page.