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    Farming & Crop Protection Sclerotinia rot (salad greens)

    Sclerotinia rot [Sclerotinia minor]

    Infected plants are no longer marketable. After infection, the disease spreads rapidly on the plant.


    Sclerotinia rot - Image 1

    Sclerotinia rot - Image 1

    Sclerotinia rot - Image 2

    Pest Profile

    • Symptoms & Diagnosis


      With waterlogging and wetness in general. The fungus overwinters by means of sclerotia in the soil or on dead crop residue. It can cause infections at any time during the growing season.

      Pattern of damage

      Wilting of the outer leaves first before moving inwards, rotting of the lower leaves and root collar (Picture 1). Infected tissue coated with a cottony white fungus mycelium, in which the 1 mm black sclerotia can be found (Picture 2).



      Infected plant removal, soil disinfection, crop rotation. A fungicide should be applied as a preventative treatment.