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    Rust (asparagus) [Puccinia asparagi]

    In case of a severe infection, the buildup of food reserves in the plant substance may be highly restricted resulting in yield reductions of up to 30% the following year. Asparagus rust is host specific and completes its life cycle only on asparagus.



    Aspargus rust - image 1

    Aspargus rust - image 1

    Pest Profile

    • Symptoms & Diagnosis


      New fields are especially at risk. Since the fungus requires a certain wetness of the leaves to develop, wind-protected fields are especially susceptible.

      Pattern of damage

      Pale-yellow spots can be found on leaves, stems, and shoots, and later on rust-brown and black-brown sporocarps (Picture 1). The leaves turn yellow and die off.



      When the first sporocarps become visible, a program of fungicide treatments should be applied. An attempt should also be made to prevent the fungus from hibernating, e.g. by removing the leaves.