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    Purslane [Portulaca oleracea]

    Annual seed weed germinating in summer. Mostly prostrate, branched from the base up. Loves loose, nutrient-rich, warm, sandy soils. Occurs globally almost exclusively in the warm regions.


    Purslane - image 1

    Purslane - image 1

    Purslane - image 2

    Purslane - image 3

    Purslane - image 4

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      Cotyledons are rosette-like, long-oval, meaty, somewhat stalky (Picture 1). The leaves are meaty, blue-green, longitudinal, club shaped thicker at the apex than the base. The underside of the leaf has a violet tint. Initially, the young plant grows erect, later prostrate on the soil (Picture 2). The inflorescences are very small, yellow (Picture 3). The 5,000-10,000 seeds per plant are round, flat, black and somewhat shiny (Picture 4).

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Vegetables, occasionally in maize.