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    Product Stewardship
    Farming & Crop Protection Product Stewardship

    Why product stewardship?

    We maximize benefits and minimize risks.

    We work to continually improve our environmental protection, health and safety performance of our products. This applies to the entire product life cycle from discovery and development through to manufacturing, distribution, use, disposal and recycling.

    How do we deliver on this commitment?

    When we are developing products, we are guided by the principle of maximizing benefit and minimizing risk. As part of our pledge to never compromise on safety, we provide farmers with the information they need to use our products and services responsibly, allowing them to operate in a safe environment and to produce high quality food, feed and fiber.

    We also believe that we have a responsibility to protect our shared world. We know that productive agriculture needs a healthy environment. In everything we do, we promise to play our part to ensure that there are no negative impacts and that we leave a positive legacy for future generations.

    Why is product stewardship so important?

    Sustainable agriculture demands that we all manage and use crop protection products in a responsible, thoughtful way with due care for human health and the environment. That is the only way we will meet current food demands and protect the world’s natural resources.

    Water protection

    Raising the awareness for water protection in agriculture

    Product stewardship commitment

    For BASF product stewardship is not just an empty word but a concrete program on which we are committed.

    The life-cycle of a crop protection product

    Stewardship is a life-cycle approach to product management. It is the ethical way to manage products from their discovery and development, to their use and final disposal.

    Improved Packaging by BASF

    Farmers need the right solutions to get their everyday work done. This includes having the right packaging for all of their crop protection products.