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    Nemasys® – the gold standard in beneficial nematodes

    Nemasys® is based on the beneficial nematode Steinernema feltiae and provides control of fungus gnats, western flower thrips, leaf miners and other pests.

    The benefits of Nemasys® for horticulture
    No pest resistance issues
    Compatible as a tank mix partner in IPM programs
    Controls a wide range of pests
    Rapid knockdown
    Safe for the applicator and field workers

    Nemasys® contains nematodes in their vigorously infective juvenile stage. Once applied these nematodes seek out and control the larval stages of the sciarid / fungus gnat (Bradysia spp.) and the adult and pupae of the western flower thrip (Frankliniella occidentalis).

    Once inside the larvae, the Nemasys® nematodes release symbiotic bacteria, quickly killing the insect pest. The nematodes then reproduce inside the insect and release a new generation of infective juveniles which disperse in search of further larvae. Nemasys® is formulated in a unique non-residual gel formulation developed for foliar applications to ensure no residues on crops after application. 

    How to use

    • Ensure good foliar coverage of spray but do not apply to runoff as the nematodes will washed away from target
    • Use of a wetting and spreading agent will allow nematodes to reach target more effectively
    • After application, ensure that the crop remains wet for at least 2 hours, close windows and ventilation during this period
    • Do not apply in direct sunlight, use blackouts during and for at least 2 hours after application
    • If using artificial lighting, switch of during and for at least 2 hours after application


    *Nemasys® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.