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    Nemaslug® – advanced biocontrol for slugs

    Nemaslug® provides control of a wide range of slug species. It contains beneficial nematodes that are mollusc specific and will kill a wide number of slug species, including the most important field slug Derocereas reticulatum. It will also control other Derocereas species, like many of Arion species and soil dwelling snails.

    The benefits of Nemaslug®
    Effective quick knockdown control
    Only slug control to provide persistent long term control
    No crop residues or harvest intervals
    Performance unaffected by wet weather
    Can be applied through standard spray equipment, irrigation lines and irrigation guns

    Nemaslug® contains the beneficial nematode species, Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita, in their vigorously infective juvenile stage. These aggressive organisms actively seek out slugs and enter them through their natural openings. Once the slug is infected it stops feeding within a few days and then will move away from the crop and die underground approximately one week later. The nematodes then reproduce inside the slug and release a new generation of infective juveniles which disperse in search of further slugs.

    Nemaslug® is a unique product that provides superior performance over other control methods by killing slugs in the soil.

    When to apply

    Nemaslug® is flexible in use and can be used on all crops where slugs are a problem. Nemaslug® can be applied as part of different slug control strategies:

    Overall Slug Population Management – Nemaslug® can be used to “break” the slug population life cycle in highly infested areas. The persistent activity of Nemaslug® gives significant population control reducing the further numbers of slugs. Use at times when populations are high and before significant egg laying, usually in the spring and early autumn.

    Preventative Control – When a slug outbreak is expected due to difficult land and weather conditions, Nemaslug® can be applied to control slug populations allowing standard practices to be followed.

    Knockdown – When slugs are in the crop and causing damage, Nemaslug® can be applied to target slugs on the foliage. The slugs will quickly clear the crop as they sense the Nemaslug®, this is especially useful if slugs are present on crops and there is a risk of contamination before harvest of slugs or other control products.

    Headlands and Water – As there are no application restrictions for Nemaslug® it is an ideal application where there are concerns or restrictions of slug control methods close to water.


    *Nemaslug® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.