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    Innovative weed management solutions

    Weeds reduce the yield and quality of valuable commercial crops, ornamentals, forestry, and turf grass. Weeds also damage crops and other landscapes in a secondary way, serving as hosts for a variety of insects and fungi. In industrial settings, weeds interfere with the safety and management of utilities, highways, railways, runways and waterways.


    BASF has a long and distinguished track record of providing growers, foresters, golf course superintendents and industrial land managers with innovative weed control solutions. Launched in 1949, our pioneering U46 was the first selective herbicides mainly used in cereals. Other herbicide innovations, like Basagran®, followed in the mid-1970s. Used with Poast®, it made no-till farming (planting crops with minimal soil disturbance) possible for the first time. Today, award-winning Sharpen® herbicide, powered by Kixor® technology, leads the way in no-till fields featuring a unique chemistry that provides foliar and soil activity on today’s toughest weeds.

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    Kixor® is the latest in a long line of modern herbicides developed by BASF. Used on its own or in a mixture with glyphosate, Kixor® is applied prior to crop planting for fast and complete burndown of over 80 different weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate. This provides improved planting efficiency and greater timing flexibility. Kixor® can also be used as a pre-emergence herbicide in corn and sorghum to control many major weeds without triazine.