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    Crop Protection and Seeds Revysol® in soybeans

    Revysol® in soybeans

      Soybeans are a valuable source of oil and protein and thus a significant component in human and animal nutrition. In 2017, the global planted area of soybeans reached approximately 125 million hectares (ha), producing in total over 330 million metric tons of soybeans – and the trend is rising.

      The Americas are by far the largest producer, accounting for almost 90 percent of global soy production. Every year, American soybean farmers face significant yield losses due to diseases which not only cause a decrease in the quantity of the produced grain, but also on its quality. In the United States, responsible for more than 40 percent of soybean production, frogeye leaf spot and target spot are among the most important soybean diseases, accounting for 30 percent of reported yield losses.

      Strong and long-lasting activity

      In row crops, Revysol®'s strong and long-lasting activity has been well documented in soybeans over the last years. Products based on its unique mode of action protect soybeans from drought, hail, frost, heat and disease.

      In the US, RevytekTM is the only premium fungicide pre-mix containing Revysol®. It is a perfect fit for soybean farmers who are proactively managing their operations.

    Success story from the US

    Randy Dowdy sets world soybean yield record


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