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    Horsetail [Equisetum arvense]

    This sporocyte is one of the oldest plant species and generally propagates by rhizomes that extend horizontally up to a depth of 2 m beneath the soil. Propagation with spores is also possible but occurs only in rare cases. This is a hardy plant that can be found especially in waterlogged soils. It can be found growing in practically any soil type and in all crops.


    Horsetail - image 1

    Horsetail - image 1

    Horsetail - image 2

    Horsetail - image 3

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      In early spring, yellow-brown strobili appear that die after the spores are shed (Picture 1). After blossoming, green, whorly-branched shoots appear (Picture 2). This light-dependent weed is supressed by rapidly growing crops that form a dense crop canopy such as dense grain crops. In later-emerging crops, such as beets and maize, horsetail may suppress the growth of the crop.

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Grain, maize, beets and other annual spring sown crops.