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    Hairy crabgrass [Digitaria sanguinalis]

    Heat-loving, summer annual grass, usually red blending into violet. Occurs most frequently on light, humus-rich, nutrient-rich soils.



    Hairy crabgrass - image 1

    Hairy crabgrass - image 1

    Hairy crabgrass - image 2

    Hairy crabgrass - image 3

    Hairy crabgrass - image 4

    Hairy crabgrass – image 5

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      First leaf is short, pointy-ovate(Picture 1) with no auricles, ligules are of medium length, leaf blade with a clear midrib on the underside of the leaf (Picture 2). Leaf blades are fine and silky. The bottom of the leaf sheaths are very hairy (Picture 3). Grows in bunches. The stems are often bent. Finger-like inflorescence with 4-10 spike-like clusters (Picture 4). Each plant produces 200 to 2,000 seeds (Picture 5).

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      In late-maturing crops such as maize, potatoes, legumes, and beets.