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    Grey mould [Botrytis cinerea]

    The pathogen has a large range of hosts and rapidly develops resistance. Botrytis rot can spread very rapidly to healthy fruit and therefore cause great damage in a short time.


    Grey mould (strawberries) - image 1

    Grey mould (strawberries) - image 1

    Grey mould (grape vines) - image 2

    Grey mould (apple)- image 3

    Grey mould (oilseed rape) - image 4

    Grey mould (lettuce) - image 5

    Grey mould (lornamental platns) - image 6

    Pest Profile

    • Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Grey mould is found in many crops including: strawberries, blackberries, pomaceous fruit, grape vines, lettuce, vegetable crops, oilseed rape, asparagus, beans, ornamental plants, tobacco and others. Infection can take place during the entire growing period, as well as post-harvest during transport and storage. The fungus is capable of penetrating healthy plant tissues.

      Pattern of damage

      Mainly rot symptoms are observed on the host plants. On the fruit, sunken-in rotted areas appear, and later the typical gray, dusty fungal lawn (Pictures of different infected crops).



      The control measures depend on the infected crop and the time of the infection.