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    Green amaranth [Amaranthus lividus]

    Annual, heat-loving seed-producting weed that germinates from the spring to the summer, with numerous irregular branches and low-lying growth. Prefers not too wet, permeable, nutrient-rich soil with good tilth.


    Green amaranth - image 1

    Green amaranth - image 1

    Green amaranth - image 2

    Green amaranth - image 3

    Green amaranth - image 4

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      Cotyledons are rounded-ova (Picture 1)l. Leaves are on a stalk, small, , round to diamond-shaped, notched at the tip (Picture 2). The leaf surface is grayish-green, usually with whitish-red spots. Flowers form in bundles in the axils and as terminal pseudo-spikes (Picture 3). The seeds are 1.2 mm long, lenticular (shape of a double-convex lens), dark-brown to black, shiny (Picture 4).

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Beets, maize, legumes, potatoes, spring cereals