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    Seedling, Crop Pretection, Functional Crop Care
    Crop Protection and Seeds Functional Crop Care

    Functional Crop Care

      Growers’ most pressing challenges today center on improving yield while managing resources: doing more with less. In addition to protecting crops against pests and disease, growers must optimize yields and plant health by managing through environmental stresses while meeting evolving societal expectations of agriculture.

      Through its new Functional Crop Care business, BASF is dedicated to unlocking agricultural potential in soil, seed and crop. We are harnessing innovations in chemistry and biology in three focus areas in order to help growers be successful into the future:

    Our functional crop care products

    Find out which of our functional crop care products are available in your country

    Soil Management

    Soil Management solutions address the efficient management of scarce resources such as water, nutrients and arable land, creating sustainable yield increases.

    Seed Solutions

    Our solutions push the boundaries of seed technologies to help growers maximize their seed investments. With an ever-expanding portfolio of chemical and biological seed treatments, inoculants, functional coatings, and colorants, we are committed to helping you address your growing needs. 

    Crop Care

    Crop Care solutions of biological and conventional foliar products to help growers achieve healthier plants and higher yield potential. These include:

    • Biological crop protection products
    • Biological and conventional plant health products
    • Plant growth regulators

    Learn about AgCelence®

    AgCelence® products help buffer against environmental stress to increase plant vitality across a range of crops.