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    Flixweed [Descurainia sophia]

    Annual to biennial seed-propagated weed, 50-100cm in height depending on the site. Large numbers can be found on warm, nutrient-rich, light soils.


    Flixweed - image 1

    Flixweed - image 1

    Flixweed - image 2

    Flixweed - image 3

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      Cotyledons are small and club-shaped. Bottom leaves form in a dense rosette, initially tri-lobed, later pinnate, then bipinnate (feathery) (Picture 1). Young plants are easily confused with mayweed. The flowers are unimposing, greenish to yellow with terminal inflorescences (Picture 2). Each plant can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds (Picture 3). The seeds remain viable in the soil for long periods.

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Winter rapeseed, in particular with tight crop rotation, and also winter cereals.