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    Field gromwell

    An annual to perennial, dirty green, rough-haired seed weed with deep taproot containing red pigment. Germinating in the fall and spring on slightly acidic to neutral sandy loam soils or loam soils.


    Field gromwell - image 1

    Field gromwell - image 1

    Field gromwell - image 2

    Field gromwell - image 3

    Field gromwell - image 4

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      Cotyledons are ovate to broad-oval, upper side pubescent (Hairy), the tip is round, with distinct leaf vein, sometimes with slight notch at the end (Picture 1). Leaves are narrow, long, densely haired, base leaves almost lanceolate (spear shaped), gray-green, approx. 40 mm long (Picture 2). Flowers are small, white, partially funnel-shaped, short-stemmed. The corolla is 6-8 mm long. The flowers are located individually in the axils or at the shoot (Picture 3). The seeds are rock-hard, ovate, three-sided, brown-black punctiform (Picture 4). Each plant produces approx. 200 seeds that remain viable in the soil for several years. The optimal germination temperature is 13 °C.

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Winter rapeseed, winter cereals.