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    Field brome [Bromus arvensis]

    Annual seed bearing grass weed. Likes sandy loam soils with sufficient lime. Spreads from the field margins into the field and is enhanced by minimum soil tillage.


    Field brome - image 1

    Field brome - image 1

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      The leaf blade is velvety to coarsely hairy on the upper and lower side. The midrib is white to yellowish at the base, especially in older leaves. Lower surface are often shiny. The youngest leaf is rolled up. Ligules are approximately. 3 mm long, white and finely serrated. Auricles are absent. The stem is robust, but hairless. The large, very loose panicle is split into branches, especially on the lower level, laterally drooping, and there are rarely more than 3 individual spikelets on the tip. The glume is slightly serrated and as long as the palea. The awn is the same length as the glume (Picture 1).

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Winter cereals, winter rapeseed