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    Farming & Crop Protection Downy mildew (vine)

    Downy mildew (vine) / vine peronospora [Plasmopara viticola]

    The damage caused by the fungus can amount to entire yield losses in conjunction with a severe weakening of the affected vines for several years.


    Downy mildew (vine) - image 1

    Downy mildew (vine) - image 1

    Downy mildew (vine) - image 2

    Pest Profile

    • Symptoms & Diagnosis


      The more humid the months of April and May are, the earlier a Peronospora primary infection might occur. The over-wintering spores only germinate under humid weather conditions and at a 24 hours average temperature of at least 8 °C.

      Pattern of damage

      Round, yellowish bright, oily shining spots on the upper side of the leaves (Picture 1). A dense, white fungal lawn develops on the underside. Infected grapes turn reddish-brown and the surface leathery (Picture 2).



      To effectively control the fungi, a re-infection must be prevented. As soon as infection conditions exist, a fungicide treatment program must be started.