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    MaglisTM – Connect smarter

    Farming is a dynamic, complex and challenging business. It requires farmers to manage and interpret a wide range of farm and field related information.

    So how does Maglis help farmers make the right decisions at the right time?

    Maglis is an online platform that helps farmers use the information at hand in a more efficient way for better crop management decisions. It offers a range of integrated, intuitive and easy to use tools that support decision-making, and help farmers make the connections they need to succeed. New insights and perspectives guide farmers from planning and planting to harvesting and marketing. Maglis addresses many of the key tasks and activities on the farm. It helps farmers use technology to improve crop management, understand their own data better, manage risk and optimize returns.

    Maglis connects data, technology and people in a smarter way, so that farmers can grow, market and live smarter.

    Maglis provides
    Easy to use tools
    New insights and perspectives
    Intuitive decision support

    Currently, the Maglis agricultural hub offers the following tools:

    Maglis is being developed in collaboration with farmers and agricultural experts through collaboration with each other to better understand farmers’ needs, and add value to their lives and businesses.

    Farmer feedback from Canadian pilot phase:

    Maglis Customer Navigator

    Maglis Customer Navigator

    How can farmers optimize yields and minimize risk?

    Maglis Customer Navigator offers:
    Better advice in the field
    Tailored crop growth plans
    Shared crop plans

    Maglis Customer Navigator is the first of the Maglis tools launched. It is used by the BASF advisor team in the US to engage with farmers during crop management conversations in the field.

    In pre-season discussions, BASF advisors can guide crop-related conversations using a range of materials, such as videos, photographs or presentations. BASF advisors and farmers can jointly create farm or field specific crop plans and recommendations using agronomic insights.

    Both work together analyzing farmer data to generate tailored plans considering crop growth stages and farmers’ individual cropping priorities, such as yield optimization, risk reduction and efficiency improvements.

    Personalized plans and recommendations can then be emailed to farmers and their preferred retailers as the basis for individual crop management activities.

    In 2016, Maglis Customer Navigator has been available for selected customers in the US. In the 2017 season, the tools will be rolled out broadly as an integrated part of the Grow SmartTM approach helping our customers to be more successful.

    We are currently testing the tool and preparing for further launches of the Maglis Customer Navigator in countries like Ukraine and Czech Republic as well as in Brazil.

    Maglis Crop Plan

    Maglis Crop Plan

    What’s the best time to do what you need to do in each of your fields?

    Maglis Crop Plan offers:
    Convenient and efficient planning
    Timely in-season decision support
    Better monitoring and task management

    Maglis Crop Plan is a convenient and efficient tool for managing and monitoring field activities. It helps farmers make farm and field specific crop plans, and provides crop management information all in one place, online.

    As soon as a seeding date is decided, Maglis Crop Plan will help farmers to make decisions on a daily basis throughout the growing season.

    Maglis Crop Plan facilitates proactive management of field activities, with information about local weather, soil, field accessibility and plant growth stage predictions, as well as weed, disease and pest warnings.

    It also allows farmers to monitor and record all their field activities and assign tasks to the farm team. At the same time, Maglis Crop Plan is enabling them to evaluate the impact of production decisions on farming more efficiently.

    Throughout a pilot phase, Maglis Crop Plan is being developed collaboratively with customers to prepare for a broader launch in Canada.

    Here, Maglis will be integrated with a local farm management tool.

    Maglis Sustainability Assessment

    Maglis Sustainability Assessment

    Are your agricultural practices profitable, resource efficient and environmentally sound?

    Maglis Sustainability Assessment offers:
    Assessment of agricultural practices
    Sustainability benchmarks
    Tailored recommendations
    Shared reports

    Maglis Sustainability Assessment helps farmers become more resource efficient. It provides field specific insights on the impact of different agricultural practices. Furthermore, it supports farmers in improving their agricultural production continuously, balancing the impact of field-related decisions and helping grow crops more efficiently.

    Maglis Sustainability Assessment links the impact of production practices on profitability, society, and key environmental aspects, such as soil management, emissions, biodiversity, and resource efficiency.

    It provides farmers with a comprehensive analysis from planning to harvest, allowing them to compare their own production practices to other benchmarks. Recommendations made by Maglis Sustainability Assessment can be integrated directly into daily field activities.

    Throughout a pilot phase, Maglis Sustainability Assessment is being developed collaboratively with customers to prepare for a broader launch in Canada.

    Here, Maglis will be integrated with the local farm management tool.