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    MAGLIS® – Today’s digital solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow

      We support farmers with scientifically based agronomic knowledge to sustainably improve yield and productivity.

    Maglis® provides:
    Personalized agronomic knowledge for better-informed decisions at the right time
    Timely in-season decision support to adapt and optimize activities to get more out of the season
    Support to optimize farm operations on a continuous basis
    Convenient and efficient planning to get the best start to the season

      As different as the types of agriculture and the philosophies of individual farms may be, each season farmers are faced with the challenge of using their resources economically, protecting their crops and running their farms competitively in the long term.


    Maglis® digital products are available in several countries

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      Personalized agronomic knowledge for the new codes of “good professional practice”

      It doesn’t matter which factors influence the agricultural year: for every farm, the foundation for a good yield is early information and optimal seasonal planning.

      BASF's digital solutions support agricultural enterprises on several levels. Scientifically based data and predictive models are available for seasonal planning, and individual recommendations for plant protection are made promptly on demand. This makes processes more efficient, saves resources and minimizes the risk of lost earnings.



      Controlling digital processes with mobile devices

      Maglis® - Connect smarter

      In many regions of the world, the applications from the Maglis® portfolio are already available or in the testing phase with farmers. The portfolio currently comprises three tools designed to provide agronomic forecasts for sound decision-making and to develop comprehensive seasonal plans in partnership with the farmer. These tools simplify the daily routine for farmers throughout the whole year and make an important contribution to yield optimization.


      Maglis® tools are unique in the market. Not only are they backed by an enormous knowledge base derived from more than 100 years of BASF’s agricultural and plant protection research, they also transform this into agronomic knowledge via the agricultural experience and know-how of various experts. The Maglis® portfolio is based on more than 30 years of experience in the evaluation and interpretation of agronomic data.

      This means that users of Maglis® can access valuable and verified knowledge at any time. Drawing on a variety of collated and processed data, every single farmer can generate up-to-date insights and recommendations for action that are beneficial to them, their business and their particular crops.

      And it’s not just young and tech-savvy farmers or large companies with widely automated processes who are using Maglis®. Smaller companies that want to use future-oriented technologies for a minimal investment will find it especially beneficial. To start using Maglis®, all that’s needed is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet.

      Suitable solutions for various needs


    Maglis® Agronomic Advice – the most relevant data at a glance

      Maglis® Agronomic Advice provides farmers, farm workers and other agronomic experts with a tool that provides a convenient overview of the most important agricultural information, such as local weather and the current spread of plant diseases. By using the leaf analysis function, it is even possible to detect disease in situ on the field. The tool also provides recommendations for action to minimize risk and increase earnings.


    Maglis® Farm Navigator – individual data with a view to the past and the future

      Maglis® Farm Navigator is a comprehensive digital tool that organizes all types of arable work while reducing complexity throughout the year. It provides a 360° view of a variety of features, including monitoring, analysis and optimization of all activities. The system also offers a preview of crops and yields, assesses the field-specific sustainability and efficiency of the farm and simulates the effects of different measures. Additionally, this tool includes an early warning system for weed, pest and disease infestation.



    Maglis® Customer Navigator – for agricultural advisers

      Consultants are virtually indispensable for many farmers, since the agricultural adviser is much more than a product salesman. In most cases, trusting relationships have grown over many years. Whether it’s a member of the BASF sales team, an adviser to the agricultural trade or a freelance consultant, the farmer always expects comprehensive advice and up-to-date information. Since consultants are the most important interface to our customers, we have also developed a digital solution for them: The Maglis® Customer Navigator supports consultants in developing suitable seasonal planning for the entire farming business in partnership with farmers.



      Maglis® is not a static product – it is a growing and learning solution developed as the result of close collaboration between experts in IT and agriculture. These international teams include farmers and other experts from numerous countries. This is a basic prerequisite for us to be able to map the conditions of the most diverse regions and thus to reflect the individual needs of farmers from these agricultural areas.

      We record the very different requirement profiles of farmers in individual countries and prioritize and implement these in our digital products. Because our system is modular, we can offer tailor-made solutions for different regions and different farmers with a high degree of flexibility. Every user benefits from access to precisely the features and data needed at the specific location at the required time.


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