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    Successful farmers work hard to maximize their yields. So do we.

    To ensure crops can grow to their full potential, farmers count on products and services to help them produce crops in higher quantities but also make them tastier and more nutritious. At BASF, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions to farmers that help them grow their crops in the best possible way - all around the world.


    Over the years, BASF has become a trusted partner to farmers, agricultural professionals and stakeholders. Together we are constantly developing new products and services along the complete crop cycle with benefits that not just protect crops against diseases, pests or weeds, but also increase their health. Plants with more stress tolerance, vitality and improved marketable quality can result in much higher yields for farmers and quality of the crop for consumers.

    Through our new Functional Crop Care business, we offer new ways to improve yields while managing resources, by developing novel solutions for nutrient uptake and water distribution. To meet the expectations of the food value chain and also of a growing world population, we support farmers with a broad array of tools, initiatives and programs that can measure and strengthen sustainable farming practices.

    No matter which crop - from corn to soy to tomatoes or grapes - first we talk to farmers and listen to their needs. At our farm labs, we translate these insights into innovations that will help farmers to produce more and better crops more efficiently. We are looking for new solutions that support farmers to protect their land and to meet all their challenges.