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    Coronet® – Music to farmers’ ears

    Coronet® provides broad-spectrum control of a range of soil-borne and seed-borne fungal diseases in onions and other vegetables. It provides outstanding biological efficacy, as well as excellent seed safety.

    Benefits of Coronet®
    Coronet® fights against fungal diseases protecting the seed with efficacy.
    Comprises two complementary active ingredients
    Provides outstanding biological efficacy
    Excellent seed safety

    Coronet® combines the benefits of two complementary active ingredients, pyraclostrobin, a broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide and boscalid, a carboxamide fungicide offering a new mode of action in seed treatment. Coronet® provides effective and long-lasting protection against a wide range of fungal pathogens, including Botrytis spp., Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp. in onions and other vegetables.

    Safe to seeds, it leads to better germination and enhanced vitality.

    Target diseases

    • Seed-borne fungi causing seed decay
    • Seedling damping off
    • Rhizochtonia solani
    • Botrytis spp.
    • Aspergillius
    • Penicillium spp.


    *Coronet® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.