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    Collis® - Keep powdery mildew at bay


    Collis® is a highly active mixture of Boscalid and Kresoxim-methyl developed by BASF. Both compounds act as respiratory inhibitors, but at different sites, and prevent the energy production of fungal cells.

    Collis® helps to prevent Powdery Mildew in Cucumbers, Melons, Strawberries, Apples and Brown Spots on Grape stalk. Collis® has translaminar action in leaves and also its acropetal movement helps the product to reach to those parts of plant, which are not treated.

    The Benefits of Collis®
    Excellent prevention against powdery mildew in cucumber, melon and strawberry
    Safe, fast and lasting effect
    Good conductivity: Collis® can also be absorbed

    Target crops, disease and application rate:

    • Cucumbers, Powdery mildew: 45-60 ml/mu
    • Melons, Powdery mildew: 45-60 ml/mu
    • Strawberries, Powdery mildew: 25-50 ml/mu
    • Apple trees, Powdery mildew: 2,000-4,000X dilution

    Packaging sizes available:
    15ml sachet
    100ml bottle

    Strawberry powdery mildew untreated

    Collis® treated

    Collis® treated

    Cucumber powdery mildew untreated

    Collis® treated

    Pesticide registration certificate number: PD20070342