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    Clearfield® delivers effective, season-long weed control

    Clearfield® provides growers value and benefits to control weeds. Controlling weeds is an important task during the crop growing period. Clearfield® gives growers the flexibility to protect their plants only when needed.

    Benefits to farmers and environment
    Effective against a large number of weeds.
    Less soil erosion.
    Less beneficial insect disruption.
    Less energy consumption.
    Farmers in the field

    Clearfield® consists of two components: Clearfield® seeds and Clearfield® herbicides. Based on traditional plant breeding techniques Clearfield® seeds are tolerant to a specific class of herbicides. Clearfield® herbicides are specifically designed to be applied post emergence and to provide sustainable and effective season long weed control.

    Herbicide Tolerant Seed Products

    Herbicide-tolerance based on traditional plant breeding techniques.

    High yielding seeds from BASF seed partners.

    Product Clearfield

    Non-Selective Herbicide Products

    Broad spectrum post emergent herbicides.

    Crop specific and regionally adapted herbicides.

    Clearfield® Production System

    Clearfield® provides broad weed control in oilseed rape

    BASF and seed companies are working together as partners in developing the Clearfield® Production System. While the seed companies are focused on the development of Clearfield® hybrids, BASF is focused on the development of broad spectrum herbicides. The herbicide tolerant Clearfield® hybrids are developed by conventional breeding methods which are used around the world for over 80 years. The majority of today’s food supply is produced using this form of plant breeding. The Clearfield® herbicides are tailored to regional conditions, delivering efficient, season-long weed control including difficult to control weeds and an improved crop quality.

    Clearfield® is available in many countries for oilseed rape/canola, sunflower, rice, corn (maize), wheat and lentils. It was first introduced in 1995 for canola. Clearfield® products are available in North America, South America, South Africa, Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine.

    How Clearfield® works

    Elite seed varieties have been developed to tolerate Clearfield® herbicides, so the crops thrive as weeds are controlled. The current Clearfield® crops - maize, oilseed rape, canola, rice, sunflower, wheat and lentils - have been developed using enhanced plant breeding methods. Clearfield® is one of only a few herbicide-tolerant systems recognized as non-transgenic by international authorities. This provides farmers with an effective agronomic tool along with the global market acceptance they want. This is achieved by combining crops that are tolerant to imidazolinones, a chemistry family consisting of six active ingredients, each of which controls a different spectrum of weeds.

    Several products are offered under the Clearfield® brand. Each formulation is custom-designed to provide exceptional contact and soil activity for broad-spectrum, maximum control of the weed species most likely being present in specific crops in each region, while still offering crop rotation flexibility.

    Benefits to farmers and environment

    Clearfield® is an innovative agronomic solution effective against a large number of weeds. It is adapted to all soil tillage systems. Specifically within no tilling systems it is benefitting the environment and farmer through less soil erosion, less moisture loss, less beneficial insect disruption, less energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Clearfield® herbicides are designed to be applied post emergence, often with only one application, providing effective weed control from planting to harvest. This results in fewer passes across the field, fewer hours on the machinery, lower fuel usage, decreased soil compaction and decreased erosion.

    Clearfield® product stewardship

    BASF and its partners have developed a stewardship approach, which supports the requirements of best farming practices and sustainable agriculture. The stewardship measures for example include avoiding the continuous use of Clearfield® on the same land, the rotation of crops that utilize different mode of action herbicides, and properly managing weeds in subsequent crops. These measures have been implemented to maintain the herbicide tolerance of Clearfield® crops, avoid weed resistance, and minimize the risk of volunteer seeds not otherwise controlled in subsequent crops. Stewardship is a vital step in protecting the continued value and viability of Clearfield®.


    * Clearfield® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.