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    Chive rust [Puccinia allii]

    More severe infection on chives may significantly weaken the sprouting plants. The fungus affects chives, leeks, and onions. Affected material cannot be marketed.


    Chive rust - image 1

    Chive rust - image 1

    Pest Profile

    • Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Spreads primarily in August and September. With increasingly cold weather, the plants form new healthy leaves. The fungus survives on overwintering plants. It does not have alternate hosts.

      Pattern of damage

      Small rust-red, bursting spots on the leaves. The spots can be round or longitudinal (Picture 1). The upper side of the leaf is ripped open like a slit. Severely affected plants have stunted growth.



      The affected plant residue of the previous year's culture must be removed for the new cultivation. As a precaution, a fungicide treatment should be applied before the start of an infection.