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    Putting sustainability into practice

      As the challenges of feeding a growing population increase, our role is to help farmers grow healthy, high quality food safely, and protect the land that we all hold in trust for future generations. For BASF, sustainability is a state of mind. It is embedded in everything we do from R&D to manufacturing and is a fundamental focus for collaboration projects to promote sustainable agriculture.

    Smallholder success stories

    There are around 500 million small-scale and smallholder farms in the world. Mostly located in the developing world, they are family-owned or operated, often poor and food insecure and have limited access to agricultural know-how, services and markets.

    We work together with food and farming organizations to combine agronomic expertise with local knowledge in collaboration projects that improve agricultural practices and increase prosperity in smallholder communities.

    Farm Network - finding the right balance

    Sustainable farming has to be more than just a theory on paper; to come to life, it needs expertise, practical examples, and a space for farmers to exchange experiences. How can farmers increase production while at the same time protecting biodiversity, water and land resources? How can a farm be environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable. The BASF Farm Network, established in 2002, brings together growers and experts on more than (70) working farms around Europe to help farmers meet this challenge.  

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    • Potatoes and Pepsi-Co

      Working with potato smallholders in the highlands of Peru who supply PepsiCo's local potato chip production plant.  

      The Mata Viva® Initiative

      Conserving water quality, soil, native vegetation and wildlife in a collaboration with agriculture, business and science.   

      Conservation in Brazil

      Collaboration with Cooxupé, the world’s largest coffee co-operative to restore a local forest in Brazil.

      Let's Go For Our Country!

      A volunteering project from BASF Argentina “Vamos por nuestro país” to combat the disease-carrying 'kissing bug'.  

      Empowering Farmers in India

      Collaboration with ADM to help Indian farmers become more profitable.

      Mobile Support for Egyptian Farmers

      A BASF mobile “Agricultural Clinic” serves, supports and educates smallholders in remote areas of Upper Egypt.

      The Monarch Butterfly

      Halting the decline of the rare Monarch butterfly in the US by increasing milkweed plants on farmland.

      AgMusa™ for Sugarcane

      Solving real problems that farmers face: the AgMusa™ program in Brazil is helping to make sugar cane production more efficient.

      Improving Rice Yields

      Collaboration with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute to help farmers increase rice yields.

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    • Product Stewardship

      Taking responsibility for crop protection products from discovery and manufacture to distribution, use, recycling and disposal.

      Fly-In Program

      Working with US agricultural aviation associations to support safe aerial application of crop protection products.

      On-Target Academy

      Helping farmers achieve the most effective and sustainable weed control possible with education and hands-on training.

      Protecting Brazilian Farmers

      Personal protective equipment safeguards farmers in Brazil against risk of exposure.

      Professional Farmer Kit

      BASF has developed a first-of-its-kind Professional Farmer Kit, designed to meet the safety requirements of smallholders.

      Safety for Banana Growers

      Long-running product stewardship and education program for farmers in China.

      Container Management

      Environmentally-sensitive packaging, farmer education on responsible use, and stakeholder programs to remove empty containers and recycle the plastic.

      Managing Waste

      A new waste treatment process now recovers 20,000 metric tons of sulfate brine and bromine for re-use every year.

      Egg Injection Test

      Our experts designed a test methodology that was fast, reliable, cost-effective and did not involve animal testing.  

      "Quimica na Vida"

      The Chemistry in Life project shows school children how to manage risk and prevent accidents with chemicals, poisonous plants and venomous animals.