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    Farming & Crop Protection Annual meadow grass

    Annual meadow grass [Poa annua]

    Annual to biennial bunch-forming meadow grass germinating almost year-round. Undemanding. Can be found on all soils but prefers moderately wet, nitrogen-rich sites.  


    Annual meadow grass - image 1

    Annual meadow grass - image 1

    Annual meadow grass - image 2

    Annual meadow grass - image 3

    Annual meadow grass - image 4

    Annual meadow grass - Picture 5

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      The first leaf is soft, short and sturdy (Picture 1). The leaves are folded, with double grooves, the top surface is dull to slightly shiny; bottom surface is dull, the leaf tips of the leaves boat shaped (Picture 2). Ligules are long, collar-shaped, white, not fringed. Auricles absent (Picture 3). The inflorescence is sometimes a monochasial (single branched) panicle (Picture 4), glumes with no awns. Each plant produces 400-500 seeds (Picture 5), which usually begin germination immediately after dropping.


      Annual bluegrass

      Symptoms & Diagnosis


      Beets, legumes, maize, some spring and winter cereals.