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    Crop Protection and Seeds AgCelence® Lettuce

    AgCelence® for your lettuce

      Lettuce is highly perishable and must be protected from factors affecting its quality, such as wilting or discolouration.

      Lettuce field

      Due to an overall increase in the customers’ perception of quality, producers must take all necessary steps to provide fresh and healthy looking lettuce. It is for this reason growers rely on AgCelence®. Used for crop protection during the growing season, AgCelence® will also help to preserve the quality of lettuce after harvesting.

      AgCelence® effects on your lettuce: improved marketable quality

      To analyse the effects of BASF AgCelence® on the quality of harvested lettuce, a trial was conducted in Spain in 2009. Harvested lettuce was examined after 7 days of cold storage as well as 3 and 6 days of storage at room temperature.
      The results demonstrated that lettuce treated with AgCelence® loses less humidity and shows fewer signs of wilting and discolouration.