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    Farming & Crop Protection AgCelence® Benefits

    AgCelence® benefits

    AgCelence® products provide a range of physiological benefits: Higher yield, better stress tolerance, increased production efficiency and improved marketable quality.

    How does this work? For example, one of the active ingredients in AgCelence® products inhibits respiration in both fungus and plant. Consequently, the fungus dies.

    Once your planning and input decisions are made, the biggest challenge is to safeguard yields and quality throughout the growing season. Growers need additional tools to overcome these abiotic factors. This is where AgCelence® can help. AgCelence® products provide proven yield and quality benefits for many of the crops you grow. Soybeans, tomatoes and corn are just some examples.

    In various crop trials, BASF AgCelence® products led to higher yield, superior quality, more efficient crop production or better stress management. 

    Higher Yield

    AgCelence® products increase the photosynthetic ability of the plant. Treated plants produce more chlorophyll which enables them to assimilate carbon dioxide and convert it into carbo­hydrates. They also lose less carbon through respiration. These two effects in combination increase the photosynthesis, substantially leading to higher plant productivity and yield.

    Increased Stress Tolerance and Vitality

    Drought and cold are examples of environmental stress factors which effect plant growth and development. Reducing the impact of these effects by using AgCelence® allows crops to maximize their yield potential. Plants produce several compounds in response to stress, including ethylene and activated oxygen species. This circumstance makes the plant more resilient towards abiotic stress factors, which unlocks higher yield potential.

    Improved Marketable Quality

    Increased net photosynthesis affects quality parameters of some crops positively. In addition AgCelence® products activate nitrate reductase. This enhances the assimilation of carbon and nitrogen, which can boost fruit production or quality parameters such as sugar or starch content. The improved quality of AgCelence® treated plants can bring competitive advantage along the whole food value chain - from the field to the processing industry and the end-cus­tomer market.

    Increased Production Efficiency

    In the increasingly competitive field of farming, everyone is looking to maximize return on investment in crop production. AgCelence® effects in terms of production and harvesting efficiency vary by crop. As an example, laboratory and field research has demonstrated that AgCelence® products increase nitrate reductase activity, which leads to improved nitrogen assimilation. In turn, this stimulates nitrate uptake and plant growth. This circumstance results into a more efficient use of nitrogen, enabling a quicker and easier harvesting.