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    AgCelence® – Achieve Excellence in the field

      Under the AgCelence® brand, we offer a portfolio of premium products that optimize the physiology of the plant, make more efficient use of resources such as labor, water and fertilizer, and address the specific needs of global food production and the entire agricultural value chain.

    AgCelence® benefits:
    Better plant vitality and tolerance against abiotic stress factors
    Higher efficiency in crop production and farm operations
    Higher marketable quality and yield

      Agriculture is constantly facing new challenges: rising production costs, higher environmental protection standards and increasing demands in global food production and processing. To meet these demands, growers must optimize crop production processes, make their farm operations more efficient and utilize benefits wherever possible. AgCelence® from BASF helps farmers increase efficiency in crop production and offers additional benefits, such as better plant vitality to gain higher marketable quality and yield.

      The AgCelence® portfolio has been evaluated and selected based on trials carried out in cooperation with independent scientific experts and industry thought leaders worldwide.

      With AgCelence®, we are committed to innovating how growers leverage a plant’s physiological effects and turn these effects into added value: on the farm and in the field.

    AgCelence® – Benefits

    AgCelence® products provide a range of physiological benefits: Higher yield, better stress tolerance, increased production efficiency and improved marketable quality.

    AgCelence® – Questions and Answers

    Find here the answers to questions concerning AgCelence®.

    AgCelence® – Sucess Stories

    Users of AgCelence® products often have remarkable stories that demonstrate totally new approaches to value creation in agricultural production.

      AgCelence® – Countries

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      *AgCelence® is not offered in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and follow all instructions for use.