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      Measuring agricultural sustainability

      Designed by BASF, AgBalance™ is a tool that objectively measures and evaluates the sustainability performance of agricultural products or processes across all three pillars: economy, environment and society. This allows all of us who are passionate about the land and food to advance sustainable farming through informed, fact-based decision making.

      By sharing our expertise and know-how, we are supporting farmers to make a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

      With AgBalance™ BASF is helping to address essential questions such as:

      • What are the key sustainability drivers for any given agricultural production system?
      • What conditions are negatively impacting sustainability in agriculture?
      • How can we make agricultural production systems more sustainable?

      To ascertain the methodology of AgBalance (version 1.0) with regard to coherence and transparency BASF submitted it to the global expert agency DNV Business Assurance and has received their independent assurance.


    Dr. Dirk Voeste from BASF explaining AgBalance™ to the German Council for Sustainable Development (German)

    AgBalance™ technical documentation

    AgBalance™ technical documentation, detailing the tool's methodology and indicators, is available here

    Life cycle graph

    Life cycle assessment

    AgBalance™ can conduct full life cycle analysis. It enables study partners to detect and improve the sustainability performance of agricultural products in the course of their whole life.


    The indicators in detail

    Assessing sustainability is critical if we are to successfully implement measures and monitor their subsequent progress.

    Land use

    How a study develops

    AgBalance™ enables the study partner to compare different farming systems, agricultural enterprises, processes and products.

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    Questions & Answers

    Measuring sustainability is a challenge. At BASF, a group of data modelling experts has spent the last 25 years developing the methodology to meet this challenge.