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Sustainable Solutions

We are a business built on innovation. And year by year, we work hard to bring more sustainable solutions to farmers to help achieve our joint aim of producing not just higher yield, but better yield by increasing productivity and profitability and preserving our natural resources. We are long-term supporters of farmers and farming – with more than 100 years’ experience – and we will continue to invest in a strong R&D pipeline, steered towards ever more sustainable solutions.

What impacts do we aim for?

Innovate to bring farmers more sustainable solutions that produce better yield to ...

Infographic sustainable solutions are aiming for

How do we achieve these impacts?

We invest in a strong R&D pipeline steered by sustainability criteria.

  • Crop protection
  • Breeding technologies
  • Trait research
  • Pheromones / Biologicals

What target did we set for ourselves?


Sustainable solution steering

At BASF, we developed our Sustainable Solution Steering method to be able to assess our entire product portfolio against clearly defined sustainability criteria. It’s unique in the chemical industry, third party certified, and independently audited.  And it illustrates how we take our non-financial targets as seriously as our financial ones.

Every product in our portfolio is evaluated for its contribution to sustainability. ‘Accelerator’ products and solutions are those that make a substantial contribution to sustainability in the value chain.

From an early stage, our R&D pipeline is actively steered towards more innovative solutions with a favorable regulatory profile - providing sustainability benefits for growers. 

Sustainable Solution Steering impact categories

Sustainable solutions – Examples of our ‘Accelerator’ solutions

Agriculture.jpg Vegetable seeds Revysol BioSolution: RAK

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Last Update October 28, 2021