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Biodiversity And Agriculture

Flourishing biodiversity is the backbone of agriculture, sustaining the ecosystem functions that underpin soil health and plant pollination for example, and helping to ensure farmers can grow the food needed for growing populations around the world. Our engagement for biodiversity management is integral to our sustainability strategy. 

Farmers are the stewards of their land and as such, know how to best preserve the delicate balance between conserving natural resources and growing the food we all need. Good agricultural practice and technological innovation allow farmers to grow more food on less land, reducing the pressure to convert more land into farmland and even turn crop land into thriving habitats for biodiversity like field margins. This helps to preserve natural habitats and their wildlife. We innovate for and partner with farmers to maintain a balanced agricultural system that actively enhances biodiversity while at the same time producing high-quality food and crops more efficiently.

Our crop protection products undergo many years of extensive risk assessment to ensure that there are no unacceptable effects on plants and animals if used according to instructions. Regulatory authorities carefully evaluate these studies and risk assessments before they allow a product to be marketed. We constantly developing innovative products, concepts and partnerships for sustainable farming to improve biodiversity. In addition to regulatory requirements, we also develop farther-reaching, product-specific stewardship measures, focusing on protecting both the user and the environment.

We believe that sustainability must be measured in order to be improved. Therefore we have developed the assessment tool AgBalance® to support farmers in reviewing the sustainability contribution of their current farming operation. This includes assessing the impact of farming practices on farm biodiversity.

Every region and locale has specific focus areas regarding biodiversity and agriculture. We are leading several regional initiatives tailored to these specific local challenges, with the goal of both achieving immediate impact and developing Best Management Practices.

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