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Climate Smart Farming

Farmers are in a unique position to be part of the solution to combat climate change. Sustainable farming practices can reduce emissions and increase farm resilience. We are excited to be part of this emerging coalition to drive this important topic which is fully in line with our global commitments to boost sustainable agriculture. We are 100% dedicated to support farmers to decrease their environmental impact, improve farm resilience and sequester carbon in the soil. Moreover, we believe that partnerships are the cornerstone to accelerate the path towards carbon neutrality in the food value chain.

What impacts do we aim for?

Infographic explaining the different impacts climate smart farming for

How do we achieve these impacts?

We are helping farmers tackle the most pressing climate challenges with the right combination of technologies.  Our technologies include nitrogen management products that improve fertilizer efficiency. Herbicide products that enable minimum tillage, reducing both carbon emissions and diesel use. New crop varieties that enhance yield and are more stress-resilient. Natural biological inoculants. And innovative digital solutions.

What target did we set for ourselves?


Climate Smart Farming – Examples of our products and technologies

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