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    Crop Protection Leaf spot disease (sugar beet)

    Leaf blotch (sugar beet) [Cercospora beticula]

      Leaf spot disease is the world's most significant and harmful disease of sugar beet. It can lead to yield losses of up to 40%.


    Leaf spot (sugarbeet) - image 1

    Leaf spot (sugarbeet) - image 1

    Pest Profile

    • About the pest


      Factors that encourage disease development are: a warm humid climate (25 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity). Beet leaves remaining on the field from previous crops, tight crop rotations, irrigation.

      Symptoms & Diagnosis

      Pattern of damage

      At first, pale gray fungal mycelia with a reddish border and a diameter of 5 mm form on the leaves (Picture 1). With heavy infections, these spots grow together so that the entire leaf is destroyed. In the completely developed spots, there are black dots which are the stromata (dense massof fungal hyphae, reproductive organs). With high humidity, a gray felt-like coating forms on the underside of the leaves. The heart leaves remain unaffected.


      Confusion: In the initial stage, with Ramularia leaf spot, bacterial leaf spot.