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For the love of farming, the biggest job on earth

Farming is the biggest job on earth – and it’s getting bigger and more complex. Throughout the world, society has a view on how land should be used, what foods should be produced and how much space for nature should be provided on farms. Added to this, dietary choices, food price and food security all add to the complexity of what a farmer’s roles and responsibilities are.

As one of the leading agricultural companies, we’ve spent over 110 years gaining a deep understanding of crops produced to combine transformative innovation with practical action in the field. We connect innovative, highly regulated products and digital tools with a farmer’s land and their know-how.

And we’ve developed a broad portfolio in China that includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical and biological crop protection, seeds and traits, and digital farming solutions. And our scientific expertise extends beyond agriculture to provide innovative solutions for public health, professional pest management, turf and ornamentals.

We know we can’t meet all of agriculture’s challenges alone. So we are working still more closely with our customers, the agricultural community, academia, peers and partners to better address the needs of people, the environment and the planet. Helping to feed the world and create a lasting legacy. We do everything in our power to build a sustainable future for agriculture by connecting innovation, customers and society.