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Using Innovation Today, For Success Tomorrow

At BASF, we embrace challenges today to ensure answers for tomorrow. Balancing productivity and sustainability is one of the greatest challenges facing farmers. To feed an estimated global population of 9.73 billion by 2050, the world needs to increase modern agricultural productivity by 50% while considering resource and land use as well as climate change.

BASF Agricultural Solutions has partnered with Canadian farmers for more than 60 years, helping them succeed in getting the most out of every acre. We are a market leader in the development, formulation and distribution of agricultural solutions from seed through to harvest, including crop protection and agricultural products, seed breeding technology, and digital farming solutions. We have invested and continue to invest in, research and innovative product development to bring the market-leading solutions farmers need today, and tomorrow.

Now and in the years to come, we are committed to applying our expertise, passion, and collaborative partnerships to help Canada’s farmers produce their crops sustainably and responsibly. We have deep roots in farming communities across Canada, and we are proud of the role we play in helping local communities and future generations flourish.

BASF also offers a range of smart solutions for pest problems in urban and rural areas. From products to protect buildings from termites to mosquito nets which effectively combat the spread of vector-borne diseases, we help our customers to keep their homes, food establishments, and businesses clean and pest-free.