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Hybrid Wheat – Unlocking Wheat’s Full Potential

Through a globally-driven, locally-tailored advanced breeding platform, BASF is unlocking the full potential of wheat and will deliver consistently high-performing hybrid wheat to advance one of the world’s most important crops, for today’s wheat farmer and for generations to come.

At BASF, we are working to deliver hybrid wheat with high performance and reliability in a sustainable package that enables the farmer to farm not just today, but tomorrow and for decades into the future.

Ed Souza

Global Head Wheat Breeding

Wheat farmers face increased challenges and demands for more – more profitability, more consistency in both yield and quality while continuing sustainable practices. They need innovation, reliable tools and trusted partners to achieve more, with less, in their specific growing conditions.

Key benefits for farmers

  • Greater & more stable yield
  • More consistent quality & desired protein content
  • Delivering disease resistance that is required to protect both yield and quality at farm level
  • Value-added traits that can quickly meet the changing needs of growers
  • Improved profitability 

BASF’s high-performing hybrid wheat seed is backed by a full support team of experts and a platform of proven tools and services to further enhance farmer success. Our world and our market need innovative and breakthrough tools to help farmers meet the growing global demand for wheat. To bring this much needed innovation to market, BASF utilizes diverse germplasm and genetics from key wheat-growing regions around the world to develop leading hybrids with value-added traits, such as increased yield, quality, disease and insect resistance that address specific local needs and conditions. Through proprietary and predictive wheat breeding approaches, we will deliver continuous trait innovations to meet the quickly changing needs of wheat growers and the value chain.

Our long-term commitment and substantial investment in wheat innovation includes primary R&D breeding stations and operations around the globe, an extensive global trial network and a dedicated team of experts around the world focused exclusively on bringing hybrid wheat to market in the mid-2020s. 


Primary R&D breeding stations and operations around the globe

Estaciones de reproducción y operaciones de BASF